Percentage Change


When you freeze a full bottle of water, the bottle will become swollen. This is because water expands its volume by approximately \(10\%\) when frozen. If you freeze \(25\text{ L}\) of liquid water, what will be its frozen volume in liters?

A survey showed that the total population growth in Las Vegas since 2010 has been \(13\text{%}\) per year. If the population of Las Vegas in 2010 was 2 million, how many more people lived in Las Vegas in at the start of 2011 than at the start of 2010?

Your height a year ago was \(140\text{ cm}\) and your height today is \(161\text{ cm}.\) If your weight has shown exactly the same percentage growth as your height, and your weight one year ago was \(60\text{ kg},\) how much weight, in kg, have you gained?

You answered \(14\) questions correctly on a \(20\)-question test last month. Today, you answered \(17\) questions correctly on another \(20\)-question test. This means you scored \(\clubsuit\text{%}\) last month and \(\spadesuit\text{%}\) today, showing a remarkable improvement. What is the improvement (in percentage) \(\spadesuit-\clubsuit?\)

John is looking for a new job that pays a higher salary than his current job which pays \($2000\) a month. If Wal-Mart offers a monthly salary of \($2500\) and John takes the job with Wal-Mart, what is the percentage increase in his salary?


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