Everyday Math


Percentages: Level 1 Challenges


What is

1%×10010? 1 \% \times \frac{ 100}{10} ?

2016%×20152016=?2016 \%\times \frac{2015}{2016}= \, ?

Katarina is a botanist studying the production of pears by two types of pear trees. She noticed that type A trees produced 20 percent more pears than type B trees did. Based on Katarina's observation, if the type A trees produced 144 pears, how many pears did the type B trees produce?

I had a christmas cherry pie sitting in my fridge.
At 1am, my son got hungry and ate 15 \frac{1}{5} of it.
At 2am, my daughter got hungry and ate 14 \frac{1}{4} of what was left.
At 3am, my wife got hungry and ate 13 \frac{1}{3} of what was left.
At 4am, my dog got hungry and ate 12 \frac{1}{2} of what was left.

What percentage of the pie (in %) was left for me in the morning?

Which of these numbers is the largest?

30% of 10,300% of 1,10% of 3030\% \text{ of } 10, \hspace{.5cm} 300\% \text{ of } 1, \hspace{.4cm} 10\% \text{ of } 30


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