Everyday Math


Percentages: Level 2 Challenges


In a box of mangoes, 80% of them are high-quality while 20% are low-quality. If 10 low-quality mangoes are removed, then 96% of the rest will be high-quality.

What is the total number of mangoes from the start?

100%= ?\LARGE\color{#20A900}{\sqrt{100\%}=\ ?}

There are 100 people in a room, exactly 99% are physicist. How many physicist must leave the room to bring down the percentage of physicist to exactly 98%?

If x=80%x=80\%, then by what percent is xx larger than x2x^2?

There are 40 students in the classroom.

  • 50% of students wear both glasses and sweaters.
  • Among the students who don't wear glasses, 75% of them wear sweaters.

If two students wearing both glasses and sweaters leave the classroom, then which of the following is a possiblity for the percentage of students who wear neither glasses nor sweaters?


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