Everyday Math


Percentages - Problem Solving


Harry bought eight pieces of pizza yesterday and had 37.5% of it for dinner. He had 40% of the leftover pizza this morning. How many pieces are left?

Ted invested $10000 in stocks. If his stocks shows a decline of \(20\%\) in the first year, and gets raised by \(22\%\) during the second year, how much money can he retrieve by selling the stocks after the two years?

Due to global financial crisis, Lily had her salary reduced by \(50\%.\) How much (in percentage) does she need to have her salary increased by, in order to earn as much as before?

An upscale clothing boutique charges $221 for a brand name pair of jeans, which is 30% more than the amount it costs the store to buy one pair of these jeans. As a benefit of working there, employees can purchase the pair of jeans at 40% off the store's cost. How much (in $) would it cost for an employee to purchase a pair of jeans?

The total sales of Charlie's chocolate shop is increasing at a fixed rate of 5% a year. If the total sales is $300,000 in 2016, what will be the total sales in 2018?


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