Polar Coordinates

Polar Coordinates - Problem Solving


What is the polar equation of the above graph?

Consider the graphs of two polar functions r=6sinθ,r=1+sinθ.r=6\sin \theta, r=1+\sin \theta. How many intersection points do they have?

What is the number of regions bounded by the polar curve r=cos2θr=\cos 2\theta?

If the two polar equations r=1cosθsinθ,r2=181r=\frac{1}{\cos \theta -\sin \theta}, r^2=181 are converted to Cartesian coordinates, what is the sum of the xx-coordinates of all intersection points of the two curves?

How many times do the following curves in polar coordinates intersect r=cos4θr=\cos 4\theta and r=12r=\frac{1}{2}?


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