Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion

Principle of Inclusion and Exclusion: Level 2 Challenges


Martin's class has 40 students who took an examination in History and Mathematics. The teacher announced that 28 of them passed in Mathematics, 29 of them passed in History, and 20 of them passed in both subjects.

How many students failed both subjects?

In a higher secondary examination, 80% of the examinees have passed in English and 85% in mathematics, while 75% passed in both English and mathematics. If 45 candidates failed in both the subjects, find the total number of candidates.

Find the sum of all natural numbers from 1 through 1000 which are neither divisible by 5 nor by 2.

The name of the 5 oceans of earth are written on 5 adhesive labels. John has to locate each ocean on a large world map. In how many ways can he get all 5 wrong?

At the Winter Sochi Olympics Press Conference, there are 200200 foreign journalists. Out of them,

  • 175175 people can speak German,
  • 150150 people can speak French,
  • 180180 people can speak English, and
  • 160160 people can speak Japanese.

What is the minimum number of foreigners that can speak all the four languages?


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