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SAT Topic Tests

SAT Probability, Statistics And Data - Advanced


In the above graph, in which year was the ratio of the number of cars sold at Chicago Dealership to the number of cars sold at Dallas Dealership the greatest?

A) 2010
B) 2011
C) 2012
D) 2013
E) 2014

The above bar chart shows the results of a survey of 300 students, who were asked for the time that they spent on Facebook daily. How many more students spent less than 2 hours on Facebook, as compared to the students who spend more than 2 hours on Facebook?

A) 60 students
B) 100 students
C) 140 students
D) 180 students
E) 240 students

If the number \(a\) is randomly chosen from the set \( \{5, 6, 7\} \) and the number \(b\) is randomly chosen from the set \( \{ 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 \} \), what is the probability that the product of \(a\) and \(b\) is divisible by 3?

In a list of 5 integers, the smallest and largest numbers are 1 and 20 respectively. If the mode and median are both 8, which of the following could be the mean of the numbers in the list?

I. 8.3
II. 9
III. 11.4

A) I only
B) II only
C) III only
D) I and II only
E) II and III only

The above table indicates the population of the countries \(X\) and \(Y\), along with their population density. Approximately how many square miles is the area of country \(Y\) greater than country \(X\)?

A) 10
B) 50
C) 950
D) \( 600, 000 \)
E) \(11, 300, 000\)


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