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From classical mechanics to quantum field theory, momentum is the Universe's preferred language to describe motion. Learn here about momentum, its conservation, and how it captures our intuitions.

Momentum 2D - Problem Solving


Water with density \( 1.00 \times 10^3 \text{ kg/m}^3 \) streams from a hose \(3.00\text{ cm}\) in diameter, in a horizontal jet at a constant rate of \( 19.0 \text{ m/s}. \) It horizontally strikes a nearby vertical sponge-like water-absorbing wall, thereupon transferring all its kinetic energy to the wall so there is no splashing. What is the magnitude of the force exerted by the water on the wall?

A toy that is initially at rest consists of three parts that are held together by spring-loaded clips. Suddenly the toy is broken into pieces because of loosened clips, and two of the pieces which have equal masses of \( 26.0 \text{ g} \) travel with velocities of \( 4.0 \text{ cm/s}, \) one to the south and the other to the west. If the third piece travels with a velocity of \( 2.0 \sqrt{2} \text{ cm/s} \) due northeast, what is the mass of the third piece?

A projectile proton with a speed of \( 240 \text{ m/s} \) collides elastically with a target proton initially at rest. The two protons then move along perpendicular paths, with the projectile path deviating by \( 60 ^\circ \) from its original direction. After the collision, what is the approximate speed of the target proton?

A \( 1560 \text{ kg} \) car heading west at \( 12 \text{ m/s} \) turns right at a corner and travels north at \( 9 \text{ m/s}. \) Find the magnitude of the change in the car's momentum.

A \( 2300 \text{ kg} \) cannon mounted on a railway car fires a \( 46 \text{ kg} \) shell at a velocity of \( 650 \text{ m/s} \) at an angle of \( 60^{\circ} \) above the horizontal. What is the magnitude of recoil velocity of the cannon?

Details: ignore the effects of friction.


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