Properties of Arithmetic

Properties of Arithmetic Warmup


Which of these is equal to 3(54+74)?3(\frac{5}{4} +\frac{7}{4})?

True or False:

If you have two rational numbers, then they will always divide to produce a rational number.

You have information about how many 2-point shots, 3-point shots, and free throws (1 point) were scored by each player on a basketball team. You want to calculate how many points total were scored during the game. Which strategy will work?

A: For each player, add up the number of 2-point shots multiplied by two, 3-point shots multiplied by 3, and free throws. Then sum the totals you obtained for each player.

B: Sum the number of 3-point shots made by each player, then multiply by three. Sum the number of 2-point shots, then multiply by 2. Then add these two values to the sum of the number of free throws.

(ab)+c=a(b+c)(a-b)+c = a-(b+c)

This statement is…

What is the value of

(3+13+23+33+43)(3+13+23+33+43) + (47+37+27+17+7)? +\text{ } (47+37+27+17+7)?


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