Properties of Triangles

Properties of Triangles: Level 1 Challenges


Triangle \(ABC\) has the property that \(\angle A+\angle B= \angle C\). Find the measure of \(\angle C\) in degrees.

A right triangle has a leg of length \(7\text{ m}\) and an area of \(84\text{ m}^2\). What is its perimeter?

In \(ABC \), sides \(AB\) and \(AC\) are equal in length and \(\angle A\) measures \(80^\circ\).

If the points D, E, and F are on sides BC, CA, and AB respectively, such that \( CE= CD,BF=BD\), then what is \( \angle EDF \)?

The sides of a right triangle are \(a\), \(a+d\) and \(a+2d\) with \(a\) and \(d\) both positive. What is the value of \(a:d\)?

Note: Image drawn not up to scale.

Arjit drew an isosceles right angled triangle on the board. What is the measure of the base angle?


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