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Properties of Triangles

Given a triangle with side lengths of 5, 12, and 14, is the largest angle in the triangle acute, right, or obtuse? Geometric knowledge helps us deduce much about triangles from limited information.

Properties of Triangles: Level 1 Challenges


Triangle \(ABC\) has the property that \(\angle A+\angle B= \angle C\). Find the measure of \(\angle C\) in degrees.

A right triangle has a leg of length \(7\text{ m}\) and an area of \(84\text{ m}^2\). What is its perimeter?

In \(ABC \), sides \(AB\) and \(AC\) are equal in length and \(\angle A\) measures \(80^\circ\).

If the points D, E, and F are on sides BC, CA, and AB respectively, such that \( CE= CD,BF=BD\), then what is \( \angle EDF \)?

The sides of a right triangle are \(a\), \(a+d\) and \(a+2d\) with \(a\) and \(d\) both positive. What is the value of \(a:d\)?

Note: Image drawn not up to scale.

Arjit drew an isosceles right angled triangle on the board. What is the measure of the base angle?


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