Logic Warmups


What do you know to be true and what can you prove to be true? Dive in and see if you can logic it out!

A detective uses his magnifying glass to hunt for clues to determine who did it. In a similar manner, logic problems test your deductive reasoning ability. You are challenged to use the given information, make logical inferences, and reach a conclusion. As you think through the implications, remember to keep your cool and figure out the next step. Most importantly, have fun and enjoy the hunt!

If you’re just beginning to use Brilliant, here’s the essence of the Brilliant approach: solve problems. Here are some quick tips for strengthening your logical problem-solving skills:

  • Write down all of the information that you know.
  • As you use up a piece of information, make a note. Typically a problem will require you to use most/all of the information given.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different things and test some cases.

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