Number Theory

Quadratic Diophantine Equations

Quadratic Diophantine Equations: Level 2 Challenges


Magician Mike Michael claims to know two positive whole numbers that multiply to 1000, neither of which contain the digit 0.

What is the sum of these 2 numbers?

a!b!=a!+b!\large a!b! = a! + b!

If aa and bb are positive integers that satisfy the equation above, find a+ba + b.

If we mistakenly add numerator and denominators, we would think:

1a+1b=2a+b.\Large \dfrac{1}{a} + \dfrac{1}{b}=\dfrac{2}{a+b}.

How many ordered pairs (a.b)(a.b) in the interval 10a,b10-10\leq a,b \leq 10 such that they satisfy the equation above.

What is the smallest positive multiple of hundred which can be expressed as the product of two consecutive integers?

How many primes are 4 less than a perfect square?


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