Basic Mathematics

Ratio, Rate, and Proportion

Ratio and Proportion Word Problems


Calvin went cycling in San Francisco, which is extremely hilly. He can pedal up a hill at a speed of 12 mph, and down a hill at a speed of 36 mph. If he went up and down a hill (back to the same point), what is his average speed (in mph) for the entire journey?

In a park, the ratio of red roses to white roses is \( 3 : 6 \). If there are 30 red roses, how many white roses are there?

If it takes 33 minutes for a water faucet to fill up a tub, how many minutes will it take the water faucet to fill up \( \frac {1}{3} \) of the tub?

A grocer has a stack of apples and a stack of oranges. After arranging them in neat rows, he realizes that he has 4 apples for every 3 oranges. Given that he has 168 apples, how many oranges does he have?

The Bog standard is the world's fastest toilet, and can travel at 68 kilometers per hour. How far (in kilometers) can it go in 225 minutes?


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