Everyday Math

Ratio, Rate, and Proportion

Ratio, Rate and Proportion - Problem Solving


What is the value of xx that satisfies the proportional equation (5x13):(6x8)=4:5?(5x-13):(6x-8)=4:5?

If Calvin paid $5\$5 for 77 pencils, how much would he pay for 5656 pencils?

If a map represents the actual distance with a ratio of 1 cm1 \text{ cm} to 10 km,10 \text{ km}, then what is the actual size for 7 cm27 \text{ cm}^2 on the map?

Charlie rides his bicycle down a hill at 30 kilometers per hour. Then he turns around and rides back up the hill at 6 kilometers per hour to his starting point. What is Charlie's average speed for the whole trip down and back up the hill?

The ratio of the base to the height of a right triangle is 3:5.3:5. If the area of this right triangle is 30,30, what is the height of the right triangle?


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