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Rational Functions

Rational Functions Problem Solving


How many real values of xx satisfy the above equation?

ff and gg are functions defined as f(x)=16+9xf(x) = 16 + \frac{9}{x} and g(x)=9xg(x) = \frac{9}{x}. What is the value of (f+g)(18)(f+g)(18)?

What is the nearest integer value of y=6x23x5y=\frac{6x-23}{x-5} when x=10000x=10000?

ff and gg are functions defined as f(x)=5x+62x2f(x)= 5x + \frac{6}{2x-2} and g(x)=4x3x2g(x) = \frac{4x}{3x-2}. What is the value of (fg)(4)\left(f\circ g\right)(4)?

Note: fgf \circ g denotes the composition of the 2 functions.

If the asymptotes of the graph y=7x+2x2ay=\frac{7x+2}{x-2a} are x=24x=24 and y=by=b, what is the value of abab?


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