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Regular Polygons

Regular Polygons - Angles


In the above diagram, we are given a=30,b=75,c=40.\angle a=30^\circ, \angle b=75^\circ, \angle c=40^\circ. What is x?\angle x??

In the above diagram, we are given a=75,b=90,c=35,d=100.\angle a=75^\circ, \angle b=90^\circ, \angle c=35^\circ, \angle d=100^\circ. What is x\angle x in degrees?

Note: The above diagram is not drawn to scale.

A regular polygon has 6 sides. What is the sum (in degrees) of all of its interior angles?

What is the sum of interior angles of a regular 1414-gon?

What is the sum of all exterior angles of a regular polygon with 4 sides?


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