Regular Polygons

Regular Polygons: Level 1 Challenges


Regular nn-gonInternal Angle Sum

Given the pattern seen in this table, which of the following accurately represents the internal angle sum in terms of n n ?

If FGHIJFGHIJ is a regular pentagon, find A+B+C+D+E .\angle A + \angle B + \angle C + \angle D + \angle E \ .

Details: A regular pentagon is a pentagon with 5 sides of equal length and 5 corner angles of equal measure.

What is the area of the red region if the area of the blue region is 5?

Note: The hexagon is regular.

Which of the following is the ratio of the measure of an interior angle of a 24-sided regular polygon to that of a 12-sided regular polygon?

Consider that in the above image the triangle is right angled and the octagon is regular. Then find xx in degrees.


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