Rule of Sum and Rule of Product

Rule of Product Problem Solving


Hiro went to the store after school to pick up one jug of milk, one loaf of bread, one dozen eggs and one package of cookies. Milk comes in 1%, 2% and 3.25% varieties. Bread comes in white and 100% whole wheat. Eggs come in dozen-pack of various sized: small, medium, large and jumbo. Cookies come in three different flavours. How many different ways can Hiro bring home the items from his list?

How many 3-digit even numbers are there, which comprise of all three digits 1, 2 and 3 in some order?

How many ways are there to elect one president and one vice president from 2525 candidates?

Details and assumptions

The president and vice president cannot be the same person.

How many ways are there to color the above regions with 3 different colors, if adjacent regions should have different colors?

Note: You need not use all three colors of paint but each region must be colored by any one of them.

In Alice's closet, there are 44 different pants, 99 different shirts and nn different jackets. If the number of combinations of pants, shirts and jackets Alice can choose is 252,252, how many different jackets does she have?


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