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Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

SAT Data Analysis Student-Produced Response


If the average (arithmetic mean) of the length and the width of a rectangle is \(20,\) what is the perimeter of the rectangle?

What is the sum of the \(4\) numbers whose average (arithmetic mean) is \(40?\)

An integer from \(1\) to \(25\) inclusive is chosen at random. If the probability that the integer is odd can be expressed as the reduced fraction \(\frac{a}{b},\) what is \(a+b?\)

In a school of \(300\) students, there are \(A\) students who take a music class and \(B\) students who take art class, \(x\) students who attend both, and \(C\) students who are not enrolled in music or art. If \(A=220, B=150,\) and \(C=50,\) what is the value of \(x?\)

How many 4-letter words can be formed with \(7\) distinct letters if no letter is repeated?


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