Everyday Math

Length and Area



Nora wants to create a teddy bear that looks just like the one above, but bigger. Her design makes the teddy bear three times as tall and two times as wide. Will her version of the teddy bear look the same as this one?

Lulu wants to shrink her 8-by-10 image, shown above, to a 4-by-6 image. Will the new image look the same, only smaller?

Shannon plans to create an enlarged image of this frog on her wall that will be three times larger than the image shown (in both length and width). If the area of the frog shown is 10 square inches, what will be the area of the enlarged frog?

Bo's toy jet measures 10 cm wide and 20 cm long. He wants to build a much bigger version that is between 200 and 240 cm wide. Which of these could be the length of his version?

Square AA has side lengths of 1 that are increased to 10. Square BB has side lengths of 10 that are increased to 100. Are squares AA and BB both enlarged by the same scale factor?


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