Classical Mechanics

Statistical Thermodynamics

Second law of thermodynamics


Is it likely for moisture in the air to freeze to ice at a temperature of 26C? 26 ^\circ \text{C} ? Possible or impossible, and which law of thermodynamic can guide us here?

A drop of ink falls on a glass of water. After the ink is spread throughout water, the ink in the water never gets concentrated as a drop of ink by itself. Which of the following can explain this phenomenon?

Every building slowly crumbles, and falls down at some point in time (even if it is a very long time). Which law can describe this sad fact thermodynamically?

Salt is put into water in a beaker and goes through a natural process. If the above three pictures, randomly ordered, were taken at different times in the process, which of the following is the right chronological order?

A DNA molecule is put into a very strong acid solution, and 5 minutes later it is broken up into individual nucleotides. Is it likely for the DNA molecule to be restored by the nucleotides rejoining into the original molecule? Which law can describe your answer?


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