SI Divisor Prefixes


A capacitor is specified as having a value of 0.0099μF.0.00{9}{9} \,\mu\text{F}. What is this value in picofarads?

An inductor has a value of 0.29 mH.0.2 9 \text{ mH}. What is this in microhenrys?

Find the expression for a particular electric current 3.7×106 A 3.7 \times 10 ^{-6} \text{ A} by using the appropriate prefix of SI units.

Which of the following prefixes represents 1 micro ×1 nano  1 \text{ micro } \times 1 \text{ nano } of a given unit?

Which of the following symbol of prefixes represents 106 10^{-6} of a given unit?


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