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SI Units

If your friend says they'll meet you 10 minutes down the road, tell them that the SI unit of length is the meter. Learn how scientists make sure to compare apples with apples using the SI system.

SI Divisor Prefixes


A capacitor is specified as having a value of \(0.00{9}{9} \,\mu\text{F}.\) What is this value in picofarads?

An inductor has a value of \(0.2 9 \text{ mH}.\) What is this in microhenrys?

Find the expression for a particular electric current \( 3.7 \times 10 ^{-6} \text{ A} \) by using the appropriate prefix of SI units.

Which of the following prefixes represents \( 1 \text{ micro } \times 1 \text{ nano } \) of a given unit?

Which of the following symbol of prefixes represents \( 10^{-6} \) of a given unit?


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