SI Fluid Measure


If a cylindrical container has a base area of 12 cm212 \text{ cm}^2 and a height of 6 cm6 \text{ cm}, how many mL of water can it hold?

Liquefied natural gas is filled in a horizontal cylindrical tank, as shown above. The diameter of the circular base and the length of the cylindrical tank are d=6 md=6\text{ m} and l=14 m,l=14\text{ m}, respectively, and the height of the liquefied natural gas is h=3 m.h=3\text{ m}. Find the volume of the liquefied natural gas in the tank.

180 mL18 0\text{ mL} of water is poured into a cylindrical cup with base area 30 cm230\text{ cm}^2 and height 15 cm.15 \text{ cm}. What is the height of the water inside the cup?

In the figure above, a water reservoir has a rectangular base floor with dimensions 3 km×2 km3\text{ km}\times 2\text{ km} and a depth of 8 m.8 \text{ m}. If this reservoir is half-full, what is the volume of the water in liters?

What is 8 L8\text{ L} in m3?\text{m}^3?


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