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SI Units

If your friend says they'll meet you 10 minutes down the road, tell them that the SI unit of length is the meter. Learn how scientists make sure to compare apples with apples using the SI system.

SI Fluid Measure


If a cylindrical container has a base area of \(12 \text{ cm}^2\) and a height of \(6 \text{ cm}\), how many mL of water can it hold?

Liquefied natural gas is filled in a horizontal cylindrical tank, as shown above. The diameter of the circular base and the length of the cylindrical tank are \(d=6\text{ m}\) and \(l=14\text{ m},\) respectively, and the height of the liquefied natural gas is \(h=3\text{ m}.\) Find the volume of the liquefied natural gas in the tank.

\(18 0\text{ mL}\) of water is poured into a cylindrical cup with base area \(30\text{ cm}^2\) and height \(15 \text{ cm}.\) What is the height of the water inside the cup?

In the figure above, a water reservoir has a rectangular base floor with dimensions \(3\text{ km}\times 2\text{ km}\) and a depth of \(8 \text{ m}.\) If this reservoir is half-full, what is the volume of the water in liters?

What is \(8\text{ L}\) in \(\text{m}^3?\)


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