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SI Units

If your friend says they'll meet you 10 minutes down the road, tell them that the SI unit of length is the meter. Learn how scientists make sure to compare apples with apples using the SI system.

SI Length


The perimeter of a rectangular land is \(47\text{ meters}.\) If the length of the land is \(7\text{ meters},\) what is its width?

The height of one floor in an apartment building consisting of \(15\) floors is \(298\text{ cm}.\) What is the total height of this apartment building in meters?

If the area of a square flowerbed is \(64\text{ m}^2,\) then how long is the perimeter of the flowerbed in meters?

A typical sugar cube has an edge length of \(1\) cm. If you have a cubical box containing a mole of sugar cubes, what is its approximate edge length?

One mole \( \approx 6.02 \times 10^{23} \) units.

If the volume of a cube is \(20 \text{ m}^3,\) what is the approximate length of each side in \(\text{cm}?\)


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