SI Length


The perimeter of a rectangular land is 47 meters.47\text{ meters}. If the length of the land is 7 meters,7\text{ meters}, what is its width?

The height of one floor in an apartment building consisting of 1515 floors is 298 cm.298\text{ cm}. What is the total height of this apartment building in meters?

If the area of a square flowerbed is 64 m2,64\text{ m}^2, then how long is the perimeter of the flowerbed in meters?

A typical sugar cube has an edge length of 11 cm. If you have a cubical box containing a mole of sugar cubes, what is its approximate edge length?

One mole 6.02×1023 \approx 6.02 \times 10^{23} units.

If the volume of a cube is 20 m3,20 \text{ m}^3, what is the approximate length of each side in cm?\text{cm}?


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