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Congruent and Similar Triangles

If you want to find similar triangles, use only SSS, SAS and AAA. Don't make an ASS of yourself.

Similar and Congruent Triangles Warmup

What is the sum of all multiples of 4 from 1 to 100?

(4+8+12+16 ... +100 )

Which of the following triangles is not necessarily congruent to the other two?

If \(AB = BC = CD,\) what is the area of the green region?

Two triangles have the same angle measures of \(60^\circ, 80^\circ, \text{ and } 40^\circ.\) Are the triangles congruent?

On a sunny day, Betty's shadow is 12 feet long and she is 4 feet tall. If Adam's shadow is 3 feet longer than Betty's, how tall is Adam?


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