Truth-Tellers and Liars

Single Person - Truth-tellers and Liars


Stella has several essays to write this weekend. Her father asked how many essays she needed to write, and she made two statements:

Statement 1: I have at least 3 essays to write.
Statement 2: I have at most 3 essays to write.

If her father knows that Stella never lies to him, can he determine exactly how many essays Stella needs to write on this weekend?

If Eric goes to the restaurant Casa Bonita, then he will eat 5 or more taco salads.
If Eric eats 5 or more taco salads, then he will have a stomach ache that day.

If Eric didn't have an stomach ache on a given day, did he go to Casa Bonita that day?

Anthony says "If our team wins a game, we always go to McDonalds to celebrate our win."

If Anthony spoke the truth, and he is currently at McDonalds, did his team win a game?

A teacher told Claire that if she studies for 5 or more days a week, then her grades will improve.

Given that the teacher spoke the truth, and Claire doesn't study for 5 or more days a week, what can we deduce?

Charlie is known for his bad luck at Roulette, and he will always lose every round.

Charlie went to Las Vegas for a bachelor party, where he lost all 10 rounds out of 10 rounds in a particular game. Can we conclude that Charlie played Roulette?


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