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Roots of Unity

A root of unity is a complex number that, when raised to a positive integer power, results in 1. Roots of unity have applications to the geometry of regular polygons, group theory, and number theory.

Solving for Roots of Unity


What is the complex solution set of the equation \(z^4-1=0\)?

Which of these is a solution to the equation \(z^6=12\)?

Let \(U_n\) denote the set of all \(n^\text{th}\) roots of unity.

If \(U_a=\{yz\mid y\in U_3,\ z\in U_5\}\), then \(a=\ ?\)

Which of these is a solution to the following equation?


If \(a+bi\) is an \(n^\text{th}\) root of unity, then which of these is not necessarily an \(n^\text{th}\) root of unity?


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