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Trigonometric Equations

Specific Solution of Simple Trigonometric Equations


How many solutions are there to sinθ+7=8 \sin \theta + 7 = 8 in the domain [0,1000] [0 ^ \circ, 1000 ^ \circ ] ?

What is the minimum value of a positive number xx such that the value of sin(x+π8)\sin(x+\frac{\pi}{8}) is 0?0?

How many xx's in the interval 0x15π0 \leq x \leq 15\pi satisfy tanx=3\tan x=-\sqrt{3}?

What are the solutions to 12sin(2x76π)=6212\sin \left( 2x-\frac{7}{6}\pi \right)=6\sqrt{2} in the interval x[0,π]?x \in [0,\pi]?

Which of the following is a solution to

sin(2θ31)=cos49? \sin ( 2 \theta - 31 ^ \circ ) = \cos 49 ^ \circ ?


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