Quantum Objects

Why Quantum?

In everyday life, the objects we encounter and interact with tend to follow certain rules. As a result, our brains are wired with an internal logic for how we expect objects in the world around us to act: a tennis ball thrown against a wall will tend to rebound in a predictable fashion, a laundry hamper full of socks, when paired and sorted by color, will remain paired and sorted forever.

But we’ve all heard of quantum weirdness: the unpredictable laws of quantum behavior that caused Einstein himself to famously reject the conclusions of his own theory. Over the astoundingly productive first 27 years of the twentieth century, a group of physicists outlined laws describing microscopic phenomena by performing experiments with atomic and subatomic particles. Quantum objects don't just rebound off walls, and no matter how carefully you sort them, they always seem to get mixed up.

When it comes to quantum objects, it rapidly became clear that when things get small, things get weird.

Why Quantum?


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