Strings: Level 1 Challenges


How many times does the number '7' appear in String a?

String a = "1628261829271628239271982027282927827618227261434335242627282928276272728292918972625252728921011514252431524251524152524254253435241534223392028302029382002929102102929101192928101019298281910101010991929121900101010292991010101029920101092929128919010101929928912910101828272663272818182726256352562615624236252377777215252616252541256625421652392029281710000001010929298282781818288272718821827271288182712819889192919818991292191212272726167172762626216163515251.";

s = 'woimoepzbjvxfafpyfpzgmxugjodtemcjcpoxobfgbsmokkmcdpmawcwwaxhqwabzdlplvteszqgtkamxjkswkpnzpxpudxcmigz'

The given variable 's' is a sequence of random alphabets.

What is length of the longest sub-string of 's' in which the letters occur in alphabetical order.

For example, if s = 'azcbobobegghakl', then the longest sub-string in which letters occur in alphabetical order is 'beggh' with length 5.

There are 26 letters, A to Z. The inverse code, replaces A as Z, B as Y, C as X .... and Z as A.

Use the inverse code to translate the message in the image.


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