Surface Area

Surface Area - Sphere


The surface area of a sphere with radius \(5\) is equal to \(M \pi\), where \(M\) is a positive integer. Determine the value of \(M\).

Given a sphere with volume \(\frac{32}{3}\pi\), what is the surface area of the sphere?

Given a solid hemisphere with radius \(12,\) what is the total surface area of the hemisphere?

Given a sphere with radius \(7\) and surface area \(A\), if the radius of the sphere is increased to \(2 \times 7\), and the resulting surface area is \(c A\), what is the value of \(c\)?

The above diagram shows a quarter circle with radius \(10.\) If the quarter circle is rotated \(360^\circ\) around line \(l,\) what is the surface area of the resulting body?


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