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Syllogistic Logic

Syllogisms are the original logic, going back to Aristotle. They still find prominence today in the form of Venn and Euler Diagrams.

Syllogistic Logic: Level 2 Challenges


All plinks are plonks.
Some plunks are plinks.

Which of the statements X, Y, Z below must be true?

X: All plinks are plunks.
Y: Some plonks are plunks.
Z: Some plinks are not plunks.

Given below are three statements followed by three conclusions. Take the three statements to be true even if they vary from commonly known facts. Read the statements and decide which conclusions follow logically from the statements.

1. All actors are musicians.
2. No musician is a singer.
3. Some singers are dancers.

1. Some actors are singers.
2. Some dancers are actors.
3. No actor is a singer.

Answer Choices:
a) Only conclusion 1 follows.
b) Only conclusion 2 follows.
c) Only conclusion 3 follows.
d) Only and exactly one of the conclusions 1, 3 follows.

(1). No film actors are Cricketers.
(2). Some cricketers are poets.

If the statements above are true, then which of the following must be true?

All pens are roads.

All roads are houses.

We are given the two statements above. Which of the following conclusions must be true?

(1): All houses are pens.

(2): Some houses are pens.

Assume that the set of Pens is non-empty.

Enter your answer as:
a) if only conclusion 1 follows.
b) if only conclusion 2 follows
c) If either of the conclusions follow.
d) If Neither conclusion follows.
e) If both the conclusions follow.

"This man can't succeed because he is not truthful"

If the statement above is true, which of these answer choices must be true as well?


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