Graphs of Trigonometric Functions

Symmetry in Trigonometric Graphs


Given that sin41=cosN \sin 41 ^ \circ = \cos N ^ \circ , where 0N90 0 \leq N \leq 90 , what is the value of NN?

If sinθ=55\sin\theta=\frac{\sqrt{5}}{5} and π2<θ<π,\frac{\pi}{2}<\theta<\pi, what is the value of cos(θ)?\cos(-\theta)?

Let f(x)=sinxf(x)=\sin x and g(x)=tanx.g(x)=\tan x. If g(f(θ))g(f(\theta))=37\frac{\sqrt{3}}{7}, what is the value of g(f(θ))?g(f(-\theta))?

If tanθ=15,\tan\theta=15, what is the value of tan(θ)?-\tan(-\theta)?

If cosθ=75\cos\theta=\frac{\sqrt{7}}{5} and 0<θ<π2,0<\theta<\frac{\pi}{2}, what is the value of tan(θ)?\tan(-\theta)?


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