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System of Linear Equations

System of Linear Equations Warmup


How many solutions are there for this system of equations? x+y=4x+y=6\begin{aligned} x + y = 4\\ x + y = 6 \end{aligned}

Lines a,b,a, b, and c c represent three different linear equations. What is the solution for the system of aa and c?c?

Two of these lines intersect at a point with positive coordinates. Which two?

A: y=3x2y = -3x -2

B: y=3x2y = 3x -2

C: y=0.5x+1y = 0.5x +1

D: x=3x = -3

Find xyxy if 2x+4y=22x + 4y = 2 and yx=5y - x = 5.

How many (x,y)(x, y) pairs are solutions for both of these equations?

x+2y=43x+6y=12\begin{aligned} x + 2y &= 4 \\ 3x + 6y &= 12 \end{aligned}


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