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Classification of Triangles

Can a scalene triangle be obtuse? Is an equilateral triangle always acute?

Triangles - Classification By Angles


If \( \angle A = 45 ^\circ, \angle B = 35 ^\circ\) and \(\angle C = 100 ^\circ \) in the above triangle, what type of triangle is \( \triangle ABC?\)

If \(ABCDEFGH\) is a cube with side length \( 5,\) what is \( \angle DEG ?\)

The length of \( \overline {AB} \) is the same as that of \( \overline {AC} \) in the above triangle. If \( \angle B =74^\circ,\) what is \( \angle C ?\)

Suppose that \( \angle A = 80 ^\circ, \angle B = 55 ^\circ\) and \(\angle C = 45 ^\circ .\) If points \( D, E\) and \(F\) are the midpoints of \(\overline{BC}, \overline{CA}\) and \(\overline{AB},\) respectively, what type of triangle is \( \triangle DEF ?\)

Note: The above diagram is not drawn to scale.

What do we call a triangle which has exactly 2 equal angles?


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