Properties of Triangles

Triangles Problem Solving


As shown in the above diagram, Raj folds a rectangular paper ABCDABCD in such a way that side BCBC becomes BE.BE. If the length of AB\overline{AB} is 33 and the length of BC\overline{BC} is 15,15, what is the area of ABF?\triangle ABF?

Note: The above diagram is not drawn to scale.

In the above diagram, we are given BAC=90,ACD=75,CBD=75,BDE=110.\angle BAC=90^\circ, \angle ACD=75^\circ, \angle CBD=75^\circ, \angle BDE=110^\circ. What is ABC\angle ABC in degrees?

In right triangle ABCABC, we are given that ABC=90\angle ABC = 90^\circ and AC=34AC= 34. DD is a point on line segment BCBC such that BD=12,DC=18BD=12, DC=18. What is the length of ADAD?

In the above diagram, the ratio of the length of AD\overline{AD} to the length of DC\overline{DC} is 3:2.3:2. If the area of ABE\triangle ABE is 13,13, what is the area of BEC?\triangle BEC ?

Note: The above diagram is not drawn to scale.

In triangle ABCABC, we have AB=47,BC=48,CA=49AB = 47, BC = 48, CA = 49 . Points D,E,D, E, and FF are the midpoints of BC,CA,BC, CA, and ABAB respectively. What is the perimeter of triangle DEFDEF?


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