Trigonometric Equations

Trigonometric Equations - Sum to Product


Which of the following is equal to 8cosx8cos(x60)?8\cos x-8\cos (x-60^\circ) ?

What is the value of sin56sin64+sin176?\sin {56}^\circ-\sin {64}^\circ+\sin {176}^\circ ?

If x=π15\displaystyle x=\frac{\pi}{15} what is the value of cosxcos7xcos9x+cos7x?\frac{\cos x \cos 7x}{\cos 9x + \cos 7x} ?

If x=π96\displaystyle x=\frac{\pi}{96} what is the value of cos14x+cos16x+cos18xsin14x+sin16x+sin18x?\frac{\cos 14x + \cos 16x + \cos 18x}{\sin 14x + \sin 16x + \sin 18x} ?

Which of the following expressions is equal to 73sin(θ+π3)14cosθ?7\sqrt{3}\sin \left(\theta+\frac{\pi}{3}\right)-14\cos \theta ?


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