Impulse and the change in momentum


A soccer ball of mass \(0.5\text{ kg},\) initially at rest, is kicked by a force of magnitude \(1200\text{ N}\) for \(15\text{ ms}.\) What is the velocity of the ball after the kick?

A water-rocket of mass \(2\text{ kg}\) blasts off from the ground. The lifting force applied on the rocket by the water is \(24\text{ N},\) and the air resistance is negligible. Assuming that the mass of the water-rocket does not change, how fast will the rocket be after \(5\) seconds?

The gravitational acceleration is \(g=10\text{ m/s}^2.\)

A man pushes a moving ball on a frictionless floor. If the man pushes with magnitude \(11\text{ N}\) for \(5\) seconds, what is the change of momentum the ball experiences?

Tiger Woods can hit a golf ball quite hard. A golf ball just after being hit by Mr. Woods has a kinetic energy of \(100~\mbox{J}\) and a momentum of \(3~\mbox{kg m/s}\). What is the mass of the golf ball in grams?

A golfer strikes a golf ball of mass \(0.04\text{ kg}\) with a force of magnitude \(400\text{ N}.\) If the time of impact between the golf club and the ball is \(3\text{ ms},\) what is the velocity of the ball after the strike?


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