Joseph, Kevin, and Nicholas are 3 brothers. If the following statements are all true, which of them is the youngest?

  • Joseph is not the youngest.
  • Kevin is the oldest.
  • Nicholas is not the oldest.

Warmup Puzzles


One of the women above is named Kaylee and the other is named Inara. They each make a statement as shown.

If we know that at least one of them is lying, what color is Inara's dress?

Warmup Puzzles


The next three problems gradually increase in difficulty, and all of them are more challenging than the warm-ups you just solved.

It's worth the effort. The most effective learning experiences are often those times when you get a problem wrong, and then challenge yourself to read, understand, and learn from the solution.

Warmup Puzzles


Arrange the following cards in a way that makes all of the following true:

  • The king is in one of the two middle spaces.
  • The queen is left of the jack, and right of the ace.
  • The ace is directly next to the queen.

Which card is in the right-most position?

Warmup Puzzles


Five friends competed in a race.

  • Pyrrha finished faster than Blake.
  • The smallest difference in finishing times was between Pyrrha and Ruby.
  • The largest difference in finishing times was between Ruby and Weiss.
  • Yang finished either 1st1^\text{st} or 3rd.3^\text{rd}.

Who won the race?

Warmup Puzzles

  1. There is exactly 1 false statement in this list.
  2. There are exactly 2 false statements in this list.
  3. There are exactly 3 false statements in this list.

How many false statements are there in the list above?

Warmup Puzzles


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