How Problem Solving Works

New interesting problems each week

Each week, students are given new problems based on their past performance. These problems are designed by passionate and respected mathematicians and scientists, and are often more challenging than those found at school. As students answer more problems at their own pace, they access higher levels and more challenging problems.

Solutions to the previous week's problems

Students can work with their peers on the previous week's problems in moderated discussions. To get the discussion started, moderators publish select students' solutions, which are submitted in advance. Moderators then facilitate discussion on various approaches and solutions.

Are you a teacher?

You can share any problem on Brilliant with your students via a unique link and view the list of students who solved each problem correctly. You're also welcome to use any of the material published to our blog in classes, as long as you give us the proper attribution. If you have any questions or feedback about how we can make Brilliant better for teachers, email