150 Follower Problem!

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a) Let there be a square with its vertices on \(A(150,150),B(150,-150),C(-150,-150),D(-150,150)\). Let A Square WXYZ Be created By Joining the Mid points Of the Sides \(AB,BC,CD,DA\). Find the Area Of WXYZ. Let this Area be a.

b) Let P(x) Be a Quadratic Polynomial, Such That, P(1) = 7 P(2)=17 P(3)= 31.

Find b where P(b) =b and b is integral.

c) Given, \(P(x)={150x}^{150}-{149x}^{149}+{148x}^{148}-.......-x-c\) Given, P(-1)=0, Find c.

Find, \(a+b+c\).


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