#17 of March 2015 Grade 11 - Natural Sciences & Liberal Arts CSAT (Korean SAT) Mock test

Algebra Level 4

A sequence \(\{a_n\}\) satisfies \(a_1=1\) and \(\dfrac{a_{n+1}}{n+2}=\dfrac{a_n}{n}+\dfrac{1}{2}\) for all natural numbers \(n.\)

Let \(S = \dfrac{1}{3}+\dfrac{1}{4}+\dfrac{1}{5}+\cdots+\dfrac{1}{102}.\)

Find the value of \(\boxed{a_{103}-5356S}.\)

This problem has been modified by me, and is a part of <Grade 11 CSAT Mock test> series.


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