2 circles tangent to each other... (Application of Angle Bisector)

Geometry Level 3

Given 2 \(congruent\) circles w/ center \(O_{1}\) and \(O_{2}\) is tangent to each other and circle \(O_{1}\) is tangent to AB and Circle \(O_{2}\) is tangent to CB. If \(\angle ABC\) is \(60 degrees\) and there is 1 chord in Circle \(O_{1}\) named \(AD\) such that, it is tangent to \(AB\) as shown in the fig. Given that \(AD\) is \(15 cm.\), find the \(Area(Circle O_{1}) + Area(Circle O_{2}\).


Assumptions: Use \(\pi = 3.14\) or \(\cfrac{22}{7}\) or \(3.1416\)


1) Round down your answer to a whole number \(i.e. 1.222222... = 1, 300.1222222 = 300, 8999.8888... = 8999\)

2) Point \(D\) is found between the 2 circles. (point of tangency)

3) \(AD\) and \(CD\) are not radii.


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