2015 and aliens (and pigeons)

Probability Level 3

A group of aliens come to visit the world, threatening the mankind. They said they need a group of 2015 people who were born exactly on the same minute in 2015. If people cannot find the group, then the world will be devastated completely. You, as the brave, want to rescue the world so you made the choice of which country you should search for the best strategy.

The country must surely have the group of people the aliens requested, and should have the least people possible to be easy to control the search.

The data below shows suitable country for the search and its estimated population in 2015:

  • China - 1,372,560,000
  • United States - 322,001,000
  • Japan - 126,832,000
  • Thailand - 65,104,000
  • Australia - 23,924,700

Which of the following is the best country that fits the given condition?


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