4 for fort

Let a1a_1, a2a_2, a3a_3, a4a_4, \ldots be a sequence of all numbers which can be expressed as sums of different non-negative integer powers of 4 (which is the form of 4k1+4k2+4k3++4kp4^{k_1}+4^{k_2}+4^{k_3}+\ldots+4^{k_p}, kmknk_m\neq k_n, m,n=1,2,3,,pm,n={1,2,3,\ldots,p}, mnm\neq n where kk is a non-negative integer) arranging from the smallest to the largest.

The first few terms are as follows, a1=40=1a_1=4^0=1 a2=41=4a_2=4^1=4 a3=40+41=5a_3=4^0+4^1=5 a4=42=16a_4=4^2=16 a5=40+42=17a_5=4^0+4^2=17 \ldots

Find the value of a64a_{64}.

Note: The ki k_i need not to be the same for different aj a_j .

This is one part of 1+1 is not = to 3.

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