Logic Level 5

How would you make 82 by rearranging \(.\), which is \(8\) dots and \(4,5,6,7,8,9,0\) where a dot in front of a number marks a decimal point, and a dot above a digit indicates that digit is to be repeated?

You can use addition only (which doesn't need dots). You must use everything.

Put your answer as the highest term to the lowest term, only numbers, and only 1 zero. EX, 49, 525, and 62 would be 525.

Repeating decimals as two decimal values. For example, 0.999 would appear as 99.

Terminating decimals of more than two decimal points will be input as a regular number with the same amount of digits. For example, 0.3242 will be input as 3242.

This is part of the Set.

Inspired by Ivan Koswara (He helped me out a lot on this problem).

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