A bolt from the blue

Biology Level pending

Read the statements below and choose the "number of factually correct" statements as your answer.

  1. If the cells of the archegonia of a cycad have 80 pairs of chromosomes, the nucellus and the endosperm would have 160 and 240 pairs each.

  2. Nitrogenase works strictly only in anoxygenic conditions.

  3. Basidium gives rise to two outgrowths called Sterigmata which bear ovoid pink-purple meiospores by the name basidiospores.

  4. Suctorial mouth, looping type locomotion, reduction of coelom by botryoidal tissue , all these are features common to Chaetopterus and Tubifex.

  5. Anal itching takes place in ancyclostomiasis because female worm lays eggs in the rectum of the host.

  6. Enlarged paws, reduced eyes, thickened skin protecting tapered nose are common to American and Australian mole both. The reason for this is co-evolution.

  7. Interstitial cells in advanced Cubozoans are homologous to archaeocytes present in the mesohyl of Leucosolenia.

  8. The long, upwardly curved tusked of wild boars, serve the purpose of defence and offence.

  9. While constructing a phylogram, the polyphyletic status is the criteria to be determined first.

  10. Tomato is a berry in which placenta, pericarp and thalamus all are edible


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