A Classic Knights and Knaves problem

Logic Level 4

A classic goes as follows:

A group of Knights and Knaves work for Ye Ole Beer Shoppe. Knights always tell the truth, while Knaves always lie. When each and every one of the employees were asked two questions, they said the following answers:

"How many people work harder than you?"

At most 1010 people work harder than I do.

"How many people get better payment than you?"

At least 100100 people have better salaries.

The question to the reader is:

"How many employees worked at Ye Ole Beer Shoppe in total?"

Details and Assumptions\text{Details and Assumptions}
We assume the reader never lies. However, if you do choose to lie, it is to your own discretion as you will get the answer to the question wrong.

Image credit: Wikipedia Piotrus

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