So, that's why they love cricket

In a cricket match, a 2-meter-tall pace bowler throws a yorker ball with a horizontal velocity of 20 m/s20\text{ m/s}. The batsman hits the ball with twice the horizontal velocity of the ball at an angle of 45{45}^\circ with the horizontal. The ball lands just in front of a fielder, who kicks the ball with his foot at an angle of 30{30}^\circ with the horizontal in such a way that it lands just in front of the foot of the bowler. Find the velocity with which the fielder kicked the ball.

Details and Assumptions:

  • The air friction is negligible.
  • The positions of the batsman, bowler, and fielder are collinear and the batsman hits the ball in the collinear line.
  • The bowler throws the ball by stretching his hand just above the top of his head.
  • The bowler does not move from his position after releasing the ball from the crease line.
  • Take g=10 m/s2g=10{\text{ m/s}}^2 the acceleration due to gravity.
  • Round your answer ((in m/s)\text{m/s}) off to the nearest integer.

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