A Collision Problem

Chemistry Level 4

The above table gives data about three Ideal gas samples taken in separate equal volume containers.

  • Calculate the ratio of collision frequencies ( \(Z_{11}\) ) (in the form of A:B:C) for the three gases. Let the ratio be \(j:k:l.\)

  • Calculate the number of collision by one molecule per second ( \(Z_{1}\) ). Let the ratio be \(m:n:o.\)

Report the answer as \[ \frac{m}{j} + \frac{k}{n} + \frac{l}{o}.\]

For those who don't know:

  • \(Z_{11}\) is the total number of Bimolecular collisions per unit volume per unit time.

  • \(Z_1\) is the number of collisions made by a single molecule with other molecules per unit time.


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